Business / Published July 5, 2021

Copec will bring the use of solar energy to 300 families

Through its subsidiary Flux Solar, COPEC will be part of the “Casa Solar” program, promoted by the Ministry of Energy and the Energy Sustainability Agency, aimed at encouraging the use of this type of energy through a special financing system. In this way, more people will enjoy the benefits of having an environmentally friendly source of energy and, at the same time, reduce their electricity bill.

In this context, the Copec’s subsidiary was awarded a tender to install 300 photovoltaic panels in the Metropolitan and Maule Regions. “Solar energy will not only enable these families to save up to 300,000 pesos a year on their electricity bills, but will also be a concrete contribution to reducing emissions and accelerating the energy transition process”, said David Rau, Flux Solar CEO.

The benefited families will be able to acquire the complete system at a substantial discount and will receive State economic support for its installation. Those interested in the benefit must apply a community project at