Acknowledgments / Published September 9, 2022

Copec wins first place in Energy category in ICREO 2022 study

The subsidiary was awarded in this ranking developed by Almabrands consulting firm, which highlights those companies that have the highest levels of trust from their customers and public opinion.

In a new version of the study, which measured a total of 333 brands in 48 categories, awards were given to the companies that led their respective sectors with an average score equal to or higher than 5.0. Of the 31 winners on this occasion, Copec ranked 27th and, additionally, was the leader in the Energy category.

The ICREO study evaluates performance in five dimensions relevant to building trust in organizations: honesty and transparency, accountability, empathy, support and closeness.

Gloria Ledermann, Copec’s Marketing Manager, pointed out that “we work for and with people, to promote their development and mobility, delivering products and services always focused on the customer. The fact that people recognize us as a reliable company motivates us to continue building community from the role that, as a company, we have throughout the national territory”.