Business / Published November 29, 2022

Flip, a subsidiary of Nutrisco, begins a new stage of expansion

The low-fat vegetable chip company opens its first industrial-scale plant in Santiago to increase its production capacity. This follows a successful pilot phase at Orizon’s facilities in Coronel.

With this new plant, the company seeks to scale up in the market, produce five million bags by 2026 and, in this way, land in supermarkets. It should be noted that the formula behind Flip was created by Pedro Bouchon, Vice Dean of Research at Universidad Católica and co-financed, in its beginnings, by Fundación Copec-UC. The company is currently owned by Nutrisco and Universidad Católica’s Dictuc.

In this regard, Nutrisco’s general manager, Rigoberto Rojo, said: “This open innovation project fills us with pride and is an example of how a good idea reaches the market and generates an impact. As a business group, we are constantly looking to solve market needs with solutions that effectively connect with consumers”.