Innovation / Published February 20, 2020

Fundación Copec-UC announced winners of the Applied Innovation Contest

In its 2019 version, projects in the areas of mining, energy, agriculture and health were recognized, which will receive financing for 3,000 UF and 4,000 UF.

All winning innovations have in common the purpose of solving a problem in the area of ​​natural resources. Thus, among the winners there are two investigations in mining: a technology to recover copper and molybdenum, by Leopoldo Gutiérrez and Dennis Vega, from the University of Concepción; and the pilot scale validation of technology for the prevention of acid mine drainage in mining waste, by Felipe Saavedra and Doug Aitken, from SMI-ICE Chile.

In addition, and for the second time, researchers from the Catholic University Alexis Kalergis and Susan Bueno received awards. This time, for the clinical escalation of a therapy against Syncytial Virus.

A project to recover fly ash of thermoelectric plants to reuse them as artificial aggregates in construction, by the academics of the Catholic University Patricia Martínez and Mauricio López, was recognized.

Finally, an investigation of a “photoactive bio fungicide for use in citrus and post-harvest table grapes”, by Denis Fuentealba and Daniel Schwantes, from the Catholic University won an award.

The call for the 2020 version will be open until May 25 and companies, universities, research centers and academics or researchers based in Chile can apply.

Applications can be made in this link.