Sustainability / Published May 23, 2024

Las Salinas awards bid for bioremediation of land in Viña del Mar

The French company Séché Group will be in charge of carrying out the final remediation of the first part of the 16 hectares land of Las Salinas in Viña del Mar. This, after winning the bidding called by the real estate company for the land restoration, which aroused the interest of 14 international consortiums, and which involved eight months of background review, field visits and evaluation of the technical proposals.

The process will be carried out by means of bioremediation, a nature-based technique that is widely used worldwide for its effectiveness and safety for people and the environment. After the signing of the contract, detailed engineering will begin in order to start up the works during the next few months.

The French company has more than 35 years of experience in soil remediation, with projects in similar conditions to Las Salinas and presence in 15 countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina and Peru. To date, Séché Group has developed bioremediation initiatives for 1.2 million tons.

Ricardo Labarca, Las Salinas Development Manager, noted that “this award represents a new milestone in the work and effort of more than 20 years to recover the soils that played a fundamental role in the industrial era of Viña del Mar. Our environmental and social commitment to the city commits us to continue our efforts to clean up and recover these soils for different uses that mean better opportunities for development with a better quality of life for the entire community.”

IDOM will also participate in the work as Project Manager of the project, providing technical assistance to Las Salinas in the process and field monitoring.