Business / Published August 14, 2019

MAPA construction making progress

After completing the award of construction contracts for a total of US$ 1 billion, the first works were installed for the Arauco Mill Modernization and Expansion (MAPA) project, marking the definitive take-off in the execution of the world’s largest industrial cellulose complex under construction.

In an interview with Diario Financiero, ARAUCO Corporate and Commercial Affairs Manager, Charles Kimber, announced the current status of the megaproject. “As of July 31, we had a 13% progress on the execution of minor works and earthworks that have been 60% complete, employing 1,350 people. A week ago, we opened the management offices that will receive the construction companies, with which this project has already entered its full construction phase. Its peak will be in August 2020, when it will have 8 thousand workers.”

With a US$ 2.35 billion investment, MAPA will have a production capacity of 1.5 million tons of pulp. The project’s construction work will take 18 months and will start operating in March 2021.

“We are on schedule and have favored construction companies with an important track record and with a lot of emphasis on safety. This adds to the fact that MAPA has the advantage of being one of the few projects of this type that are being built worldwide, so we have very focused equipment suppliers,” the executive explained.

ARAUCO is the world’s second largest pulp producer, a business that accounts for 50% of the subsidiary. “Going forward we see very positive perspectives both in pulp and in other forestry businesses, because we have a productive base, infrastructure, we are inserted in a country that favors this type of investment and our focus is on manufacturing quality products efficiently, at competitive costs and prices,” Kimber says.