Sustainability / Published October 25, 2023

Orizon introduces social investment plan for Coronel

After interviewing more than 160 people from four different areas of the municipality, the fishing subsidiary, in collaboration with Universidad San Sebastián, announced a series of projects that will directly benefit the community. These include waste management, lighting, recovery of public spaces, investment in community centers, animal care and health care for the elderly.

This is the result of the social diagnosis “Priorities for sustainable development and the quality of life of the neighbors of the hills,” which main objective is to have a positive impact on the social, infrastructure, economic and environmental areas of Coronel.

“This program arises from the materialization of our sustainability strategy and reflects our commitment to the community and our neighbors. We are very pleased to have a program that provides us with a concrete roadmap and arises from working with people,” said Juan Pablo Chávez, People, Sustainability and OHS manager at Orizon.