Sustainability, Acknowledgments / Published July 18, 2019

Orizon receives international sustainability recognition

It is a certification under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard, which states that the jack mackerel fishery is an environmentally responsible activity, which will allow using the blue seal in industrial products for human consumption.

This achievement makes jack mackerel Latin America’s largest certified fishery and is a joint effort of all Sonapesca guilds, as Lloyd’s Register confirmed. Orizon and other companies that work with this raw material were recognized for conducting a responsible activity with the environment and the marine ecosystem.

This certification is the result of the strong orientation and commitment that, for many years, Orizon has devoted to the sale in Chile of products for human consumption in different formats through its San José, Colorado, Lenga and Atlas brands.

“This recognition pushes us to continue working in this line, meeting standards that guarantee the sustainability of the resource, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable fishing and providing food security to all our customers and consumers,” Orizon General Manager, Rigoberto Rojo, said.