Innovation / Published September 22, 2021

Orizon’s successful artificial intelligence project enables to identify captured species

An innovative system has just completed its pilot stage with optimal results. The project consists of a gantry installed at the unloading of the subsidiary’s plant in Coronel, and thanks to technology based on artificial intelligence, it classifies landed marine resources remotely and automatically. So, after a period of three months, the initiative implemented managed to identify 99% of them.

This new tool helps to identify the species, resulting in a much more efficient traceability of the catch. This makes Chile the first country in the world to adopt this mechanism. Antonio Caram, Orizon’s Assistant Manager of Raw Materials Procurement, said: “This system is an example of how innovation allows us to move towards more sustainable processes and how we set the standards that will outline the future functioning of control and traceability at an international level.”

The project was promoted by Sernapesca and developed by the Universidad de Concepción and the Swiss company SICPA, and another of its key features is that it combats illegal fishing, as it enables optimal redistribution of inspectors at the landing points.